White Label vs. Private label

A comprehensive look at the differences between white and private labeling to help you determine which is right for you.

What is White label?

White labeling is buying from one or more manufacturers and putting your brand on the product and selling it as is, with no changes. With white labeling you are competing with several buyers.

White labeling is cheaper than private labeling because it doesn’t take as much time to produce and plan. With white labeling, ultimately the only thing you change is the brand name. The product is already made and all you have to do is put your name on it and sell it.


With white labeling you aren’t the only one buying from one manufacturer like private labeling, the manufacturer is selling the same product to multiple people and taking part of the sale when the product is sold by the wholesaler. This is how they make their money.

Not only does white labeling save you time and money, it can improve your client loyalty. Customers constantly ordering the product with your name on it shows that you have repeated success with your products.


What is Private Label?

Private labeling is buying a product from one manufacturer then enhancing, modifying or changing that product and finally putting your brand on it. That sounds easy right? There’s way more to it.

Private labeling can be a long process due to marketing expenses, a developer fee to enhance or make changes to your product, finding a niche target market and creating brand awareness. Although it is harder, it can be better than white labeling because you get more control of your product. Not only can you control the production of the product, but you can control the pricing as well.

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